API Fired Heater Engineers and Experts

Digital Employee (furnaces & fired heaters)

Fired heater engineering experts on your team

Our heater experts, in your team

Our fired heater engineering service gives you the double advantage of our technical advisory service and the state-of-the-art technology to maximise technical and business objectives. Our fired heater engineers and technology experts will ensure successful project outcomes for your company. Whether for new design, revamp or troubleshooting, we have an engineering service package to meet your objectives and project budget.
Key Activities

✔ Bidding Phase / Detailed Engineering Activities

✔ Process Engineering & Thermal Design

✔ Troubleshooting

✔ Heater Revamp Projects

✔ Feasibility & Safety Studies

✔ Optimization

✔ Combustion and Emissions

✔ BMS, Control System Pholosphy & HAZOP


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