Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy
HeaterSIM is completely independent of any Heater Company, and or any other company within the industry. Therefore, there are no conflict of interest issues in relation to your data, or other information in relation to your business operations and contracts.

Your privacy is important to us at HeaterSIM. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and about the way your information is collected and used. By using our website and technologies, you agree to our Privacy and Terms Of Use policies, which can be found on our website.

Under our Terms of Service and Conditions of Use, children under 18 are not allowed to use our website and access our services. It is not our intention to offer products or services to minors.

Collection of Personal Information
When visiting our website, data may be collected in order to make improvements to our technologies and services that we provide and make available on our platform. For example, dates and times of access may be logged in order to analyze trends, administer our website and gather broad demographic information for internal use and website improvement. Most importantly, any recorded IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information.

Cookies are another common internet practice. Cookies are a key means of improving user experience by allows us to customize your use of our website. Simple information is transferred to your computer to allow the content and experience at HeaterSIM to reflect your actions, preferences, and so on. You should simply make the assumption our website uses cookies, and note that you are free to make adjustments in your web browser to disable these or otherwise receive notification of cookies so you can take whatever desired action you so choose. Please understand that refusing cookies may cripple some of our website features and render some aspects useless to you.

At times, you will be fully aware of information received, as you are the direct source providing it. For instance, you are required to rpovide an email address when creating an account on our website. In many instances, without providing this data, much of the key features and functionalities of our service and technologies will not be available to you.

A prime example of limited access to our website is where some HeaterSIM content may be protected by a username and password. Whether a username and password is generated by our website, or created by you, these will almost always be connected with some other information related to or connected with you. This is true since much content that is protected on the internet is subscription based, often paid for. Thus, the username and password must necessarily be tied to your other account data. Usernames and passwords, by their very nature, should be kept private.

Handling of Personal Information

Our intention for collecting personal and private information from you is simply to conduct our business. For example, in order to perform the calculations you require, you need to input data in order for such calculations to be performed. Accordingly, we see no reason to share your personal information to other parties and outside interests unless you have authorised us to do so.

However, of course, your information does comprise part of an overall whole. This aggregate of information, by contrast, may be used to understand our overall user base. Further, we may share this information about our website visitors as a whole, not individually, with third parties for various purposes, in our sole discretion.

While we are staunch privacy advocates at HeaterSIM, there are times when even we may be forced to abandon these ideals. Just as major search engines face ongoing compulsion to provide data against their will, so too may the same occur with our HeaterSIM website. Illegal activity or other serious acts or allegations could create legal liability for our website. In those cases, we reserve the right to share your information, or else may simply be compelled to do so by law.

Google Third Party Technology
Google, as a third party advertisement vendor, may use cookies to serve ads on this HeaterSIM website. The use of DART cookies by Google enables them to serve adverts to visitors that are based on their visits to this website, including past visits, as well as other websites on the internet.

To opt out of the DART cookies you may visit the Google ad and content network privacy policy at the following url Tracking of users through the DART cookie mechanisms are subject to Google's own privacy policies.

Third Party Websites
We have included links on this website for your use and reference. We are not responsible for the privacy policies on these websites. You should be aware that the privacy policies of these websites may differ from our own.


CHANGE NOTICE: As with any of our administrative and legal notice pages, the contents of this page may change over time. Accordingly, this page could read differently as of your very next visit. These changes are necessitated, and carried out by HeaterSIM, in order to protect you and our HeaterSIM website. If this page is important to you, you should check back frequently as we may not be able to provide notice of changed content to our users before or after the change takes effect.

QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/CONCERNS: If you have any questions about the contents of this page, or simply wish to reach us for any other reason, you may do so by using our Contact Us menu options.