Remote Monitoring Service

Continuous 24/7 Support from Fired Heater Experts
Remote Monitoring, Track Performance & Asset Protection
Meet your targets, Gain insight, Protect assets
Our Service

Our HeaterOMS service will continually monitor your heater and provide real-time analysis for optimizing performance and detecting anomalous or hazardous conditions.

Our service also includes continuous support from our fired heater experts, ensuring that you have unrivalled insight to ensure the protection of your asset whilst maximising energy efficiency and operational safety.

Digital Twin
How it works...

We will build a ‘digital twin’ of the fired heaters in your plant. HeaterOMS will then continuously read data from your site such as fuel consumption, flue temperature and air flow. This data is analysed and simulated in real-time using our proprietary AI technology.

We'll deliver routine reports to your Operations Management Team, with specific recommendations in relation to optimizing performance, predict upcoming failures, identified hazardous conditions and safety.

Operation Benefits

Achieve your operation targets

Reduce downtime and maximise safety

Avoid unnecessary trips

Predict failures & prevent hazard escalation

Get up-to-date advice from heater experts

Business Benefits

Maximise profitable operation

Increasing reliability and availability

Reduce risk and improve safety

Predict failures & prevent hazard escalation

Full 360 degree support from our experts

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